Hong Kong's hometown menswear brand Son of a King is a diffusion line from HARRISON WONG and was launched in 2014.  Son of a King is recognized for its contemporary and edgy style. It stands at the forefront of Casual Chic wear in terms of original concept yet displays an elegant sartorial style. The brand's philosophy aims at providing good quality menswear at affordable prices with easy mix-and-matchable offerings. 
“Son Of A King“始於2014,為HARRISON WONG品牌旗下的男裝副線原創品牌,是為喜愛自我配搭的人仕而設。風格以Casual Chic為概念並顯優雅,設計當代前衛,低調而不失獨特性。以合理的價格卻能提供優質的潮流服飾是為本品牌的理念目標。

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